Gregor Godbersen : Expert in Software Engineering

Software Engineering

I have 15+ years of software development experience, from desktop applications to websites. I develop high-performance websites with exceptional UX/UI design and have experience in maintaining software over a multi-year lifecycle.

I can develop, profile, and optimize high-performance code. I have written such code during my Ph.D. in Rust, Java, Python, and Julia, and I have a multi-year experience in them. I have extensive experience in developing and operating complex web applications. My currently preferred stack consists of Java (Dropwizard) for the backend, modern React and Typescript for the front end, and NixOS or containers for DevOps. In the past, I have developed websites using CakePHP and Drupal. I have extensive knowledge in building performant static websites such as this one.

I have in-depth knowledge of Linux and Windows system administration and deployments. I planned, configured, and maintained the Compute Cluster within my Lab at Technical University of Munich.

Are you facing a complex problem?

Contact me to discuss how my expertise in Software Engineering, especially in combination with my knowledge in Operations Research, Data Science, and Management Consulting, can help you achieve your goals.

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