Gregor Godbersen : Expert in Data Science

Data Science

I’m deeply passionate about data analysis and uncovering valuable and actionable insights. My experience includes working with big data environments and utilizing computational clusters. Depending on the task at hand, I employ Julia, Python, SQL, or Rust. I have extensive expertise in analyzing vast spatial datasets using PostGIS and OpenStreetMaps road network data.

Combining my Data Science knowledge with expertise in Software Engineering allows me to take on Data Engineering roles. I have experience with both data-intensive and compute-intensive systems. I was responsible for designing, building, and operating big data pipelines at TUM’s Chair of Operations Management. I deployed and managed SLURM clusters, PostgreSQL databases, and data pipeline scripts. I have managed Hadoop, Kubernetes, Spark Clusters, and the respective data pipelines in other settings.

Through my involvement in Management Consulting, I’ve come to understand that computation and analysis represent just a fraction of the data science lifecycle. It’s evident that without aligning with business needs and requirements, the potential for generating significant value diminishes greatly.

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